What is the best time to visit Flagstaff, Arizona?

What is the best time to visit Flagstaff, Arizona? why?

From any month in the fall to considering your preferences, here are six answers to the question, “What is the best time to visit Flagstaff, Arizona, and why?”

  • Any Month in the Fall
  • September
  • Early October
  • The Spring Months
  • Temperate Times in Either Spring or Fall
  • Consider Your Preferences

Any Month in the Fall

My favorite time of year to visit Flagstaff is the fall. The changing leaves, the cooler weather to escape the heat of the Valley, and the food and drink options—autumn is a great time in Flagstaff. You can go hiking, grab a drink on a patio, and take pictures of fall leaves even in the downtown area!

Jennifer Klemmetson, Copywriter and Content Creator, Klemmetson Consulting

Jennifer Klemmetson, Klemmetson Consulting


The best time to visit Flagstaff depends on what a specific traveler’s wishes are. For instance, for people that want to enjoy outdoor activities, such as nature photography, the best time to visit would be during the fall season in September through October. The gorgeous fall foliage in locations such as The Arboretum of Flagstaff makes the destination a perfect opportunity for photography.

Chris Coote, Founder and CEO, California Honey Vapes

Early October

The best time to visit Flagstaff is in September or early October. These early fall months are the best because they won’t have nearly the crowds that Flagstaff has during the summer months. Plus, the fall foliage is full of color to see and the nights aren’t freezing cold quite yet. The weather on the whole is crisp, clear, and sunny.

Annu Daniel, CEO, Elohim Company

The Spring Months

From its stunning natural scenery and incredible outdoor activities to its vibrant nightlife and unique culture, there’s something in Flagstaff, Arizona for you! Let’s start with the best time to visit Flagstaff: spring.

This is when temperatures are mildest and nature blooms again. The days are longer and warmer, making it ideal for hiking or biking through the area’s trails while taking in views of Ponderosa pine forests, glacial valleys, mountain lakes, and ancient lava flows.

In addition to all these great landscapes, spring also brings festivals like the Flagstaff Music Festival—an event that showcases local musicians from various genres and art vendors from around the region.

And if you haven’t had enough adventure after exploring outdoors during your stay in Flagstaff, then check out some of its amazing restaurants for delicious culinary experiences or take a tour of one of its many breweries—each offering unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds!

Jamie Irwin, Digital Marketing Executive, Elocker

Jamie Irwin, Straight Up Search

Temperate Times in Either Spring or Fall

Visiting Flagstaff, Arizona is best done in the spring and fall when temperatures are mild, making it an ideal time of year to explore all the attractions this beautiful city offers.

The mild temperatures make it perfect for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, while still allowing you to enjoy all the amenities of a larger city. Additionally, spring and fall offer more pleasant conditions for sightseeing and exploring the unique historical sites in Flagstaff, such as the Museum of Northern Arizona and Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Mark McShane, Marketing Director, Leeds First Aid Courses

Consider Your Preferences

As someone who lived in Flagstaff for two years, I can say from experience that Flagstaff is a town that truly experiences the seasons.

A. If you love Fall, Flagstaff is a beautiful place filled with trees and leaves changing colors.

B. If you’re into skiing and snowboarding, come in the winter! Flagstaff is home to the Arizona Snowbowl.

C. If you’re into hiking, Spring and Summer are for you! Flagstaff truly is a special place and whichever season you prefer is a great time to visit.

That said, if you’re not a fan of traffic, avoid university move-in and move-out weeks.

Nick Varga, Chief Riding Officer, ERide Journal

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